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Museum David and Alice van Buuren

Art deco


41 Avenue Leo Errera
Brussels 1180
Tel: +32 (0) 2 343 48 51

Open DAILY 2.00 pm-5.30pm (closed on Tuesday)

museum + garden: Fee : 10.00€
senior 8.00 €
student 5.00 €
children up to 12 free
garden only: fee :
adult 5.00 €
senior 4.00 €
student 2.50€
children up to 12 free

Tramway: 3, 90 Square Churchill, 91,92 square Vanderkinderen, bus 60 &38
parking places in av.Dupuich

David and Alice decorated their private house in the height of 1928 art deco style, using the finest materials. Then they filled it with works of art spanning five centuries, including Van Gogh sketches and a Bruegel. Don’t miss the garden with maze and sculptures. David and his Belgian wife’s home was frequented by artists, performers and royalty. This salon lifestyle was interrupted for five years when Dutch Jewish David van Buuren had to leave Brussels for the USA during the Second World War. He died in 1955; his wife Alice passed away in 1973, after setting up the foundation that runs this private ‘memory house’. The garden has one of Belgium’s three mazes and exhibitions of contemporary sculpture in the orchard.

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